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Meet Medea


Medea Galligan MS Nutrition, CHHC, AADP, RYT


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My Diverse Education

After starting my educational career as a pre-med student at Clark University in 1984, I happened to learn about the amazing power of holistic medicine, nutriition, Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, ayurveda and other types of traditional medicine through a book given to me by my lab partner  . . . the book was "Health & Healing" by Dr. Andrew Weil.

Upon reading it, I immediately and instintively knew it contained profound truths.To me, the universal principle of Cause and Effect made sense to me on a very deep level, and I realized that it was preventative medicine and the many paths to optimal health that I was really interested in. At that time, modern allopathic medicine was and had been simply focused on treating symptoms instead of understanding and addressesing the causes of conditions and diseases, and I wanted to know more. In the mid-80's, Integrative Medicine was just being born in California and other parts of the world, but was not widely accepted, taught or practiced, and so I  decided to change my field of study to Environmental Science with a minor in International Development. In May of 1989, I became a Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay, South America, and along with other volunteers, taught agroforestry and beekeeping to campesinos, as well as working with community leaders to improve the quality of education and reduce the environmental impact of deforestation. It was truly an amazing experience on every level and I was fortunate to have had the opportinity to travel throughout the continent while i was there, from Puerto Monte, Chile all the way to La Paz, Boliva visiting Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina along the way.

Upon returning to the US and starting my family in 1993, I was looking for more natural approaches to maintain my family's health, and started learning about the power of natural foods, supplements, herbal tinctures and teas, and a wide variety of "superfoods", as well as the many benefits of massage and yoga. I decided to return to school to earn a Master's Degree in Nutrition, and during that time I studied massage therapy and yoga, which added greatly to my understanding of human physiology. I learned that by simply moving with our breath, we can shift our thoughts and emotional response from stress, resistance and pain to peace, relaxation and ease.

In 1998 I earned my Masters of Science in Nutrition at the Univerisity of Oklahoma. After a few years of helping clients make a transition to lasting health and happiness through quality education and adopting a healthy lifestyle, I decided to expand my knowledge of nutrition. I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's Holistic Health Coaching Program, am a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, and am member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). In futhering my education to assist my clients in overcoming chronic conditions, I also attended the Functional Medicine Institute and have since worked closely with several Functional Medicine doctors and many other Integrated Health Practitioners for the last 15 years. From 2011 to 2013 I was a Chapter Leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation in Burnsville, North Carolina, where I held numerous Fermentation Workshops and Healthy Cooking Classes. In 2014, I opened the first organic cold-pressed juice bar and full organic cafe in Asheville North Carolina, Medea's Espresso & Juice Bar, which later became Medea's Real Food Cafe. From 2014 to 2017, my staff and I educated thousands of customers on the many benefits of raw organic cold-pressed juices, sold hundreds of 3 Day Juice Detox Programs, taught over 15 Fermentation Workshops, supported over 50 local food producers, and hosted hundreds of health & wellness educational classes taught by local professionals throughout the Southeast. Based on the sound nutritional principles of traditional diets throughout the world, and recently revived by the amazing efforts of the Weston A Price Foundation, we developed and sold our own organic lacto-fermented beverage called Fruit Kvass, as well as produced and sold our own bone broths, which were made from pastured-raised poultry frames and grass-fed beef bones at the Cafe. Medea's Real Food Cafe was a place where you could learn just how delicious local, organic, nutrient-dense and naturally prepared foods can be, as well as a place to experience first hand what a difference bioavailable nutrition can make in your health and your life.

In 2012, I attended Asheville Community Yoga and became a 200 HR Registered Yoga Teacher, and have since incorporated gentle yoga and movement with breathwork in all of my personalized programs. I also educate and introduce my clients to the many benefits of  the Birkram Hot Yoga Classic 26, which can include improved lung capacity, decreased neck and shoulder tightness and pain, reduced lower back, hip and knee pain,  better posture, improved digestion, increased strength and flexibility, as well as reduced stress and anxiety.

of the Bikram Classic 26 Hot Yoga series.
 which include improved posture, reduced joint pain and total body detoxification 

My Collaborative Experiences

Over the last 25 years, I have written over 80 articles on health & wellness that have been published in a variety of magazines and websites. From 2011 to 2013 I wrote a weekly nutrition column for the Yancey County News, and have had numerous articles and recipes published in Natural Awakenings over the years. From 2000 to 2002 I hosted the holistic health radio program "Lose the Weight Forever" in South Florida, assisted in the research and development of several lines of neutraceuticals, and taught numerous workshops and natural foods cooking classes throughout the Southeast. During this time period, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Donna Gates, author of The Body Ecology Diet, developer of The Body Ecology System of Health & Healing, and pioneer in the area of cultured foods, and also worked and taught cooking classes with macrobiotic specialist and natural foods chef, Jan London, author of Coconut Cuisine featuring Stevia. And I am honored to have worked with numerous medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapist, and counselors to help my clients find "Long-term Solutions to Life-long Problems".

Associations and Memberships

I am a member of the American Association of Drugless Practicioners, AADP, as well as a member of Primal Docs as a Preferred Healthcare Practitioner. As a member of Slow Food USA, The Weston A. Price Foundation, and the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP), I educate my clients about the importance of Quality over Quantity, and help them in finding the highest quality, freshest foods available from local and organic sources. I am an active member of the Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter in Naples Florida and teach community cooking classes that promote local food producers and organic farmers in Southwest Florida. I empower attendees to enjoy preparing Simple, Healthy and Delicious Meals with fresh local ingredients as much as possible. What is good for our local economies, our environment, and the future of our planet is also what is good for our bodies and souls!

From my extensive education and experience working with clients, I know that the quality of the food and beverages that we consume have a direct impact on the way we feel. Our devitalized and toxic food supply has resulted in millions of people coping with chronic depression and anxiety, which has resulted in self-medication through the abuse of alcohol, food and a variety of mood altering drugs. In my interest to support my clients, I have joined the Alliance for Addiction Solutions, a group of professionals and survivors that have learned first hand that "we are our bodies", that the food we eat directly impacts the way we feel about ourselves and the world, and that the proper nutrition is absolutely crucial to the recovery from all addictions. I am proud to teach the quality science-based research from Julia Ross MA and her work with Amino Acid Therapy, and am happy to support my clients through this process to a better life when they are ready.

I am the Director of Nutrition for the House of Gaia, an educational non-profit serving all people from all backgrounds, offering a wide variety of classes and workshops to support community integration and involvement. I have been honored to teach a number of classes there for both adults and children, showing how fun a healthy lifestyle can be! I am also a proud member of SWFL inc., an amazing non-profit chamber of commerce that connects local professionals so that they can support each other as they grow the vibrant economy of SWFL.


How I Can Help You

As a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, I work with people of all ages who are finally ready to resolve their chronic conditions by learning practical ways and daily routines to manage stress, prepare and cook simple yet satisfying meals, and learn how to take better care of themselves. I work together with you, your physician, chiropractor, acupuncturist, or any other health care provider that you are currently working with to create a plan that will help you achieve your goals for a healthier life over the long term. With knowledge of healthy foods and your body comes the power to create lasting health and vitality. By helping you learn how to listen to your body, I help you discover which foods are right for you, and assist you in bringing the joy of eating and cooking back to your life.

I also work with businesses and organizations, helping them identify ways to create a healthier work environment and implement practices that aid in reducing stress, improving communication, and supporting employees in making healthy choices in their lives. I design and present Corporate Wellness Workshops according to the specific needs and goals of my clients and teaching healthy cooking healthy lifestyle workshops to colleges, hospitals, and wellness centers. During my cooking classes, I show you and your family, friends, or organization how to create easy yet delicious and healthy meals that you can prepare at home or work.

Please contact me at (239) 961-9270 to set an appointment for a FREE Consultation, healthy lifestyle classes, workshops, or private cooking classes for you, your family, or your organization.

I look forward to hearing from you, and look forward to helping you achieve your goals! Through my Functional Medicine Nutritional Counseling Program, you will learn how to bring health, happiness, and balance back into your life with ease, grace, and JOY!