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Medea also works with businesses and organizations, helping them identify ways to create a healthier work environment and implement practices that aid in reducing stress, improving communication, and supporting employees in making healthy choices in their lives.

Medea Galligan MS Nutrition, CHHC, AADP, RYT

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Medea was a keynote speaker for our Wellness Week at Givens Estates.  Her presentation on The Importance of Digestive Health drew a crowd of over 70 residents and employees.  She outlined the process of digestion, explained “leaky gut,” and offered practical pointers for improving our digestion, sparking some great conversation among the residents. 

Medea is incredibly knowledgeable, with a presentation style that is clear and easy to follow.  Her passion for her trade is evident.  She truly “walks the walk” and is able to speak from experience about what it takes to nurture our bodies from the inside out.  I would highly recommend her as a speaker and health coach. 

- Allison Duncan, Wellness Specialist at Givens Estates


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